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The scope of a web design project is as unique as the interests of its talented team.
WaddleWorks collects and tailors the creative ideas and programming skills allowing rough ideas to become reality.
The key is to stay innovative and functional, while enhancing your online identity.

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Remember that in many ways, the Internet is still finding its place within the mass-media market. Positioning yourself to beneift from the growth potential will do wonders for marketing your business. Web 2.0 is now the benchmark in online innovtion— and we can help your business maximize its potential.

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As a business owner, its not necessry nor that you trouble yourself with memorizing the coding of PHP, ASP, HTML, or JAVA. It is vital however that as a business owner, you are able to understand how these dynmic programming can improve your website.
We’ll help guide you ever step of the way.

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Jacksonville Web Designers

Even though we are well versed in various programming languages, we have a special preference for the PHP framework. Coding within a framework allows us to implement and deploy websites and applications much more rapidly than with more traditional scripting or non-object oriented programming languages.

Our websites and applications are programmed with a multi-tier design which separates all functionality, business logic, database access, and UI from each other in order to allow the application to be as extendable and maintainable as possible.

Content Management Optimization

We have a vast array of experience in modifying Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal. Sure, many of these platforms can be installed in a few simple clicks, however they also contain many minor properties that are not easily modifiable; such as theme templates, layout formatting, design flows, and formatting of plugins. If you already have a website in place, or are struggling to make it work properly, we’d like to help make sense of it!

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North Florida Web Hosting

At WaddleWorks, we provide premium hosting as a service to all of our clients who enter into contracts with us to develop or design a website. We establish a customized account that is molded to your websites needs and expectations.

Local Hosting Solutions

904servers is our hosting division, which will allow you the ability to manage an easy-to-use control panel with instantaneous modification capabilities and numerous features that can grow with you. Additionally, your website is not confined to a single server which could crash or become overloaded – Instead, it is spread across an entire array of computers; allowing your site to be served up quickly and reliably.

We encourage our clients to host with us so client software and web site upgrades can be ensured.

Our hosting is consistently at 99.99% uptime, and comes complete with every feature that you may need. When you choose WaddleWorks & 904servers to host your website, you get much more than simply disk space.

  • Lots of disk space – Enough space to hold 20 average websites.
  • Industry leading website reporting – You will have access to comprehensive, yet easy to follow, web reports to determine traffic, keywords, and more.
  • Free technical support – We help walk you through setting up checking your email, and ensure everything is working all the time.

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Leverage Social Media

Growing media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are the ticket toward establishing yourself as an all-encompassing authority in your field. These networks allow you to share your unique content in a casual setting; while interacting directly with new and existing clients. SMO is a technique for generating incoming links, publicity, and traffic by participating in social communities and technologies. Developing a blog and promoting that blog through popular outlets such as RSS feeds, Digg, StumbleUpon, and del.icio.us is the first step in building your SMO foundation.

Content Driven Sites + Social Media

Have the ideas, but not the words for them? No worries! We can proof site and blog content for you. Our copy writers will work with you to explain the facets of your business and industry. Along with integrating industry research, and published blog posts on a regular basis.

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